Pre-Licensing Course Schedule

Dealer Intel offers PRIVATE (One-On-One) Pre-Licensing Courses every Saturday in San Rafael, California. If you are interested in taking the course at a different time or place within Northern California please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you have a particular course date in mind, please contact us before filling out the registration form below to confirm whether that particular date is available. Then and only then should you register and pay for the course using the form below.

Pre-Licensing Course Fee: $300.00

A private course gives students the opportunity to ask questions tailored to their specific needs which allows them to gain valuable knowledge about the used car industry. There are various dealer education providers in California, however they are not all created equal! If your sole goal is to find the cheapest available class, this can prove to be a very dangerous decision. It is vital that you learn the rules and regulations of the vehicle dealer industry so you avoid being sanctioned by the DMV or arrested and charged with a criminal offense. The used vehicle dealer industry is HIGHLY REGULATED and you can find yourself in trouble rather quickly if you are not aware of the law. Dealer Intel is extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle dealer industry. If you are interested in actually learning something we are your obvious choice!

Refunds, Cancellations, & Rescheduling

Once a student reserves a date to take the Pre-Licensing Course I can no longer offer such date to other prospective students when they call. Therefore the following fees will apply depending on your situation:

Refunds & Cancellations:

A student has 30 days from the registration date to obtain a partial refund of the course price. If a student cancels a class within 30 days of registration a $50.00 cancellation fee will apply. Therefore, the student will be given a partial refund of $250.00. A full refund will not be given under any circumstances!

If the student does not attend a Pre-Licensing Course within 30 days of the initial registration date the $300.00 course fee will be forfeited and is non-refundable, unless Dealer Intel receives a notice to reschedule the course within 30 days of the initial registration date.


If you are not 100% certain you want to attend a Pre-Licensing Course DO NOT register below! Again, if I reserve a date for a prospective student I can no longer offer such date to others who want to attend a class. Please give us a call if you have any questions before registering.



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